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Medical equipment

Podologia Travessera is directed by Dr. Marc Vázquez Camacho (College Number: 1812), biomechanics, sport podiatry and surgery specialist, in close collaboration with different health specialists.

Our team comprises specialists in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of any pathology or affectation, not only of the feet, but also of its possible implications that other parts of lower extremities such as the ankle, knees, hip and spine.

Lilian Ojeda


Juan Carlos de Rio


Carlos Gutiérrez


Maria del Sol


Our philosophy

Thanks to our constant effort to have the most innovative technology on the market and the knowledge updated annually in congresses, masters and specialized courses in sports podiatry, minimal incision surgery and dermatology, we try to give our patients the best treatment in the most professional way. Our priority is excellence and constant innovation in each of our treatments, in order to improve your health and seek a solution to the problems or pathologies that arise.

In our philosophy, a maxim that we have is to ensure that the visit is not only a medical visit, but that our patients feel comfortable and listened and, most importantly, that they understand the origin of the problem and the best treatment option, because let’s not forget, we treat people, not just feet.

For this reason, we carry out a well-structured and planned visit, we search through an examination or the necessary complementary tests for the pathology and its causes and finally, together with the patient, we assess the best therapeutic option.

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