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The biomechanical study of gait (also known as biomechanical study of the foot or study of the tread) is a diagnostic and functional test that evaluates how our feet, knees, hips, and spine behave when we are in static and dynamic, assessing possible alterations and pathological compensations through the most advanced technology on the market.

Sports podiatry is a podiatric specialty that focuses on the study and analysis of the gestures and movements that each user makes while practicing a specific sport.

100% personalized treatment at the foot of the patient with the aim of compensating or correcting (occasionally in children) different biomechanical and postural alterations.

Pediatric podiatry is a branch of podiatry that deals with the study and analysis of the development of the lower limbs in growing patients.

Laser therapy or photobiomodulation (in English Low Level Laser Therapy) is a state-of-the-art therapy that is applied in different fields in podiatry…

Onychocryptosis, popularly known as ingrown toenail, is a pathology that affects 21% of the population throughout their lives. It causes great pain and inflammation of the affected area, as well as infection in more severe cases, greatly limiting the daily life of the sufferer.

Minimally invasive surgery or microsurgery (MIS) is presented as an evolution and alternative to open-field surgery thanks to the following characteristics…

Fungal infections (dermatophytes, yeasts, and moulds) in the nails are known as onychomycosis. It is an injury that appears more and more in our consultations and the problem lies in the difficulty of curing them given the degree of chronic that these injuries have.

Plantar warts are lesions that usually appear on the soles of the feet, with a greater tendency to weight-bearing areas such as the heel or the metatarsal area and that can be painful or asymptomatic (60% painful).

podiatry that is responsible for general podiatric treatment, in which calluses (helomas) or hardness rare removed. Nail cutting and milling is also performed if necessary.

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