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Biomechanical study of the tread


The biomechanical study of gait (also known as biomechanical study of the foot or study of the tread) is a diagnostic and functional test that evaluates how our feet, knees, hips, and spine behave when we are in static and dynamic, assessing possible alterations and pathological compensations through the most advanced technology on the market.

Study of the tread

The study of the foot and biomechanical study of the tread allows us to know and prevent possible pathologies and injuries in the foot and its relationship with other parts of the body such as the spine, hip or knee. To do this, a set of tests are carried out using high precision technology.

Biomechanical study of the tread in Barcelona

The test consists of four phases:

– Patient history:

  • It is essential to know what is happening, since when it happens, how the problem originated and the evolution it has had over time, where it appeared and finally what is the degree of pain or disability it causes.

– Examination on a stretcher of the structures and joints of the lower extremities.

– Static postural analysis using next generation baropodometric pressure platforms.

– Analysis of gait on a treadmill

  • This point is extremely important since there are pathologies that are shown or the symptoms are magnified when walking or running.

Podiatrists specializing in foot study

At Travessera Podiatry we have a great team of professionals specializing in foot study and biomechanical study of the tread . Thanks to their extensive training and extensive experience, they are able to offer the best solution to the pathology of each and every one of our patients.

Contact us now and make an appointment, your feet will thank you.

Footprint study in Podiatry Clinic

So, when should I have a gait study?

If I have pain in:

– Feet (one or both) when walking or standing.

–Knees, hips, or lower back when walking or standing or walking.

If when doing sports, I notice:

– Pain or overload in the feet, knees, or legs.

– Wear and/or excessive deformation of the footwear.

– That my feet go too far in or out.

If when standing or walking I notice a feeling of overload or heaviness in the legs.

If when walking I observe that I spend too much footwear on the internal or external area.

If you want to have a biomechanical study done, contact us by calling
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How much does a biomechanical gait study cost?

The price of a biomechanical gait study varies depending on the technique used to check the state of the muscles, shape of the legs and morphology of the feet.

What doctor corrects the tread?

The podiatrist is the specialist doctor who is responsible for correcting the tread through prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

What is foot study?

The study of the foot allows us to know if a person steps correctly or not, and if not, it allows us to correct it.

What is a biomechanical gait study?

A biomechanical study of the tread consists of a series of tests that allow the dynamic and static position of people to be analyzed.

What is the study of foot strike called?

The study of the footprint of the foot is known as podiatry (from the Greek podo-: foot and -logy: study).

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