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Sports Podiatry

Sports Podiatry

Sports podiatry is a podiatric specialty that focuses on the study and analysis of the gestures and movements that each user makes while practicing a specific sport.

This study is occasionally carried out preventively, to prevent injuries or pathological compensation by the athlete through the following process:

-Specific history.

-Postural study under load.

-Biomechanical study of the tread + analysis of the running technique.

On the other hand, the most frequent thing is that an athlete comes to see us when he has already suffered an injury or presents some type of pain, overload, or functional disability. This tendency to go to the medical professional after having had the injury is increasingly being replaced by prevention to avoid having them.

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Once the study has been done and we have the diagnosis, we explain to the patient in an easy and understandable way the origin of the problem and proceed to develop a treatment plan that may consist of:

-Specific training program with load management and functional exercises.

-Custom templates.

-Bioregenerative treatment with laser therapy (Low Level Laser Therapy).


If you are an athlete and want to visit us, contact us by calling 93 237 83 13 or sending an email to (with the link linked to send us a query) and we will be delighted to give you a quick and easy solution to your problem. We look forward to helping you!

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