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Anti-inflammatory laser therapy

Laser Zahnbehandlung

Anti-inflammatory laser therapy


Laser therapy or photobiomodulation (in English Low Level Laser Therapy) is a state-of-the-art therapy that is applied in different fields in podiatry:

1. Nail fungus

• Treatment of choice due to its high effectiveness (89% on average) and its null affectation at the systemic level for the patient.

• It acts by destroying the fungus at a microscopic level thanks to its photothermal and photochemical effect.

• Effective both in the nail plate and in the matrix.

2. Muscle, tendon, nerve and bone injuries

• Photobiostimulation causes the regeneration and remodeling of damaged tissue, as well as the restoration of neural function.

• Decrease in pain.

• Modulation of the immune system

3. Surgery of helomas and IPKs (chronic plantar calluses)

• Painless, fast, and very effective intervention to resolve these injuries.

Restructures damaged collagen fibers by forming new ones and thus making the lesion disappear.

• Very fast recovery time.

• Immediate ambulation.

4. Accelerate post-surgical

• Thanks to the photobiostimulatory effect, at Podologia Travessera we offer the option of applying laser technology in post-surgical cures to speed up the recovery process.

If you have an injury and want to assess whether we can speed up the healing process with laser therapy, contact us by calling 93 237 83 13 or sending an email to and we will be delighted to give you a quick and easy solution to your problem. We look forward to helping you!

Don’t hesitate any longer and come to Travessera Podiatry, we have the latest machinery for the treatment of podiatric ailments.

Taking care of your feet is our passion.

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