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Plantar Warts (Papilloma)


Plantar Warts (Papilloma)


Plantar warts are lesions that usually appear on the soles of the feet, with a greater tendency to weight-bearing areas such as the heel or the metatarsal area and that can be painful or asymptomatic (60% painful).

They usually have a hardened layer of dead skin (callus) on top that makes them complex to differentiate if you are not a specialist in this field.

They are lesions caused by human papillomavirus infection. This virus enters the body through small cuts, cracks, wounds on the soles of the feet and can remain in the host’s body for up to 6 months without developing.

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There are many ways to treat them, but unfortunately few are effective because they are usually very deep injuries.

Due to this, in Podologia Travessera after years of experience we have ended up selecting the most effective and least harmful treatments and depending on the degree of injury and the area, one or the other is chosen. Some of our treatments are:

-Vesicant or drying master formulas.




-Surgery to remove the lesion.

In cases where said lesion is very painful or of a long evolution and other previous treatments have failed, the complete removal of the wart under local anaesthesia is opted for and thus the problem is definitively solved.

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Taking care of your feet is our passion.

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