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Laser treatment of onychomycosis (Fungus)


Laser treatment of onychomycosis (Fungus)


Fungal infections (dermatophytes, yeasts, and moulds) in the nails are known as onychomycosis. t is an injury that appears more and more in our consultations and the problem lies in the difficulty of curing them given the degree of chronic that these injuries have.

The main characteristics of this pathology are the following:

• It constitutes one of the most frequent nail pathologies in humans (between 40% – 60% depending on the source consulted).

• It affects an average of 3% of the population in Spain.

• It usually occurs in people over 40 years of age, although it can be seen at any age.

Although there is no genetic origin involved in the aetiology, there are a series of environmental (public showers, swimming pools), personal (cardiovascular and immune system diseases that reduce the oxygenation of the nail) and social (applying nail polish and shellac) conditioning factors that predispose to being more likely to suffer from fungal infections in the nails.

Despite being a pathology with a reputation for being difficult to cure, at Podologia Travessera we have developed a diagnosis and treatment protocol that allows us to have a cure rate of 96% effectiveness, thanks to the following working method:

-Personalized diagnosis by cultivating the affected nail(s) to determine the type of fungus to be treated.

-Personalized treatment combined with Laser Therapy, topical treatments, oral antimycotics, always depending on the case and the type of patient.

-Assessment of health conditions, stress, food, which can aggravate the infection without being aware.

The secret of this treatment lies in the Laser Therapy, it is a non-aggressive treatment without adverse or systemic effects that acts through selective photothermolysis of the fungus. Thanks to this, the destruction of fungal structures is achieved and thus the infection is eradicated.

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