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Custom Orthotics

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Custom Orthotics


100% personalized treatment at the foot of the patient with the aim of compensating or correcting (occasionally in children) different biomechanical and postural alterations.

– Made from the results of a biomechanical study of the footprint.

– Adapted to the patient’s foot using the Total Contact Cast method (total contact insole), which greatly improves the effectiveness of treatment.

EXTREMELY THIN materials so that space is not a problem inside the shoe.

-The best quality of technical materials on the market worldwide, imported internationally (NORA, SIDAS, ETC) and the only ones with a certificate of medical materials.

-Option to make specific models for different types of footwear (moccasins, safety boots, trainers, running shoes, football boots, etc).

-Option of realization by 3D printing.

-Inclusion of specific elements for the compensation of structural or functional deformities of the foot (kinetic wedges, metatarsal releases, selective releases, etc).

-Fast delivery to the patient (approximately 10 days).

-Periodic control.

-1 year warranty (for material defect).

Don’t hesitate any longer, make an appointment and enjoy healthy feet.


Si deseas hacerte unas plantillas 100% personalizadas, contacta con nosotros llamando al 93 237 83 13 o enviando un correo a y te atenderemos encantados para darte una solución rápida y fácil para tu problema. ¡Esperamos poder ayudarte!

Ocuparnos del cuidado de sus pies es nuestra prioridad

If you have any queries

Do not hesitate to call: 93 237 83 13